About Bill Asa Taylor

What I am about to write concerning myself some of you would normally find hard to accept and quite unbelievable as well. It is not really important whether you believe or accept what I am going to say. What is important is that you hold an open mind enough to allow me to say what it is I need to say.  What I will relate to you are things that I have come to not just intellectually know but to be seated in it in a knowing that is at the deepest level of myself and if you will simply read to the end allowing it to be said I think you will find it not so improbable after all.

Everything that you will read is true of each and every person who will read these words. When I state that I am an angel, an incarnation of a Cosmic Being it is just as true of you as it is for me. The truth being that nothing I will say about myself is not also true in some form for every person on this planet.

The universal process began eons ago that causes each of us to seek to expand and grow ourselves for the sake of the Creator of this Universe.  We were granted the gift of free will and through the exercise of that free will each of us chooses how and when we make the effort to grow and expand. Some of us use our free will to choose incarnating in various forms to provide us with that growth and expansion.

Because you are reading this I know that you made the choice to take the path of incarnation. Since you freely made that choice you, just like me, have had numerous “lives” not only on this planet but on other planets throughout the Universe. You are incarnate here on this planet now because you asked to be granted permission to come here. You asked for the opportunity to try to complete the cycle of experiences associated with being incarnated in the physical type body you are now using.  You exercised your free will to leave where you were to come here for the unique experiences that only physical incarnation at this level of being can provide.

I hope that now that you have some understanding that what I will relate to you about myself doesn’t differ that much from what you could say about your own self, you will simply let me get on with telling you a little about me.

First let me explain about my name. When I entered into this incarnation, was born into this lifestream, my parents that I chose for this life stream experience gave me the name of William Asa Taylor. During the journey I traveled to become the person I am and to get to this moment in the current now, I have used different parts of that name at various points during that journey. I started out this incarnation being called Billy by my immediate and extended family.   As the Universe would have it when I started school circumstances were such that I was called Asa for the next 18 years. When I entered the civilian workforce after a stent in the military I began using the name Bill for business and now I have come full course and use the name of Bill, Asa, or Bill Asa for everything.

By the way, the name Asa comes from the book that is referred to as the Bible. It can be found in the second book of Kings and was simply one of the sons of Solomon. Asa wasn’t a very prominent son.  He only gets mentioned in a couple of verses.

As we travel through our “lives” we are exposed to certain knowledge which when processed properly gives rise to us coming to know ourselves. During my journey through this life I have been exposed to a cornucopia of experiences.  The details of which really aren’t that important. However, what is important is what I have come to truly know about who and what I am, the reason and purpose I am here and what it is I have to offer to humanity.

From a factual point of view, I am a messenger, an angel by definition. I am a spirit that volunteered to take on a physical incarnation so that I might be one of many to bring back to the planet a personification of “The Philosopher”. I am a consciousness that agreed to be a conduit for Cosmic Wisdom so that the message of Universal Harmony and Oneness could once again be brought before the people of this planet.  I am a teacher, a philosopher, of the ancient cosmic wisdom that resides in the great universal consciousness.  I volunteered and was granted the great privilege of being in service to Creator by aiding you and all of the people of Earth as well as this region of this Universe.

I do not do this alone nor do I wish to take any credit for what I do and hope to get done.  When I came into this incarnation there were a number of Christ Conscious beings who agreed to assist and help me be an instrument to help accomplish what needs to be accomplished. These beings agreed to help me be one of many that will try to re-introduce Cosmic Wisdom teachings back to this planet. These cosmic beings form, and are, my contingent of guides, guardians and unseen teachers and masters.

The Cosmic Wisdom teachings have been brought to the planet in various forms by many different messengers time and time again. However, this time these teachings are more important than at any time in the past history of this planet. For you see, you and everyone else on the planet are here at the time when this planet will evolve into a planet that will no longer support beings with the level of consciousness that it has in the past.  Each of us are playing an important and key role in the ever growing, ever expanding consciousness of the Universe and at the same are here for purely self-centered, selfish reasons.

That is why I am here. That is why I agreed to come here so Cosmic Beings could speak through me and use for the greater good. That is also why I am speaking out now in the way that I am.