Who is Brother Asa

    Brother Asa was born William Asa Taylor on the Spring Equinox in 1948.  He is a Master Hypnotist, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist with specialty certification in Past Life Regression.  He is a Master Life, Success, and Spiritual Coach practicing the CORE Method of Coaching.  He is also a natural healer using HypnoReiki, EFT, TIME Techniques and Life Mastery Methodology.  He is an increasingly recognized expert spiritual writer, speaker, and teacher.

   His exposure to the metaphysical occurred at a very early age when he experienced a spontaneous healing of a chronic life threatening disease at the age of 5. From that point forward and throughout his teenage years he experienced numerous occurrences of psychic events.  Then in his early twenties as a result of what he considered a traumatic event, he thought he had permanently shut down his connection with the metaphysical.

    Over a decade ago his guides, guardians, teachers, and masters began the process of reawakening him to his purpose.  In the ensuring decade, Brother Asa was led to seek out and become trained in various forms of natural healing, life event healing, and techniques for aiding an individual in creating the life they desire.  While not foreseeing the ultimate reason they had for him acquiring such skills, Brother Asa, with some persistent nudging from the other side, pursued and acquired the training that was placed on his path by his guides .  Eventually however, it became clear that all this training was to prepare him for elevating the consciousness of individuals and teaching them to permanently maintain that elevation. 

    His guides continued to urge him to vigorously study ancient writings so that he would amass knowledge concerning the wisdom teachings that originally was presented on the planet more than 2,000 years ago .  His extraterrestrial entourage, as he refers to them, has made it known to him that much of the message in the original teachings had been distorted and now in conjunction with the divine plan for this planet has to be re-introduced in their undistorted form.  According to prophesies more than 2,000 years old there will be at this time a number of individuals who will be awakening to their purpose of fulfilling the divine mission of bringing the message back to mankind prior to the transformation and transmutation of our planet. 

    Brother Asa has been allowed to come to know that he has waited 2,000 years to correct his part in the dissemination of distorted teachings that occurred in a former lifetime.  He helped create and establish HEDS and has developed various teaching packages to ensure that the people of this planet get the opportunity to make the choice of ascending to the 4th or 5th dimension or remaining with the third dimensional path for spiritual evolution based upon full knowledge of the ancient wisdom teachings as once taught in the various mystery schools.

    His work, guided and directed by those extraterrestrial and interstellar beings involved in his life purpose, aligns the individuals' light bodies and crystalline energy bodies with the energetic upgrading of the power grid for the planet.  The planet is in full evolution to her next level of existence and for individuals to be able to stay with her as her caretakers they must achieve the elevation of their Light quotient to a level consistent with that which will match the ongoing evolution of the planet.  Through his teachings and master level expertise he guides those who attend his teachings in permanently altering their consciousness levels.  Brother Asa is a conscious channeler who receives assistance, direction, advice, and messages from a number of guides, guardians, teachers, masters, and others and currently has a twice monthly workshop in Riverside, California that teaches techniques for consciousness raising and instructs individuals how to access their own higher guidance.