Our mission, to increase global consciousness through the introduction and re-introduction of the ancient wisdom in the teachings of the ages.  These teachings are fundamental to the knowledge needed to elevate the consciousness from Homo Sapien, rational thinking man, to Homo Ensophicus, wisdom man. 

This will be accomplished through the use of both contemporary and ancient sources that contain valuable knowledge concerning HU-man [Higher Universal Man] and his place within CREATION.  Among the more contemporary writings will be the collected works of Richard W. Richardson and Leon Neihouse.  Other sources will include sources that have been in the past considered sacred and more modern sources are would be deemed less so sacred.   Hidden within many of these works are TRUTHS that has universal application and reveal the intricacies of the inner workings of CREATION itself.

Actual public exposure will be manifested through the establishment of training seminars to teach individuals how to engage in the elevation of their consciousness thereby increasing global consciousness both live and in video format.  Additionally, the information will be promulgated through online instruction, publishing and sales of books, meditation CD's, teaching videos, etc.


HEDS is a non-profit membership organization founded in 2011 by several individuals among which is the current Executive Director/Corporate CEO, Brother Asa.  Membership consists of regular members and sustaining members.  Regular members receive regular member benefits which include subscription to HEDS Up, the electronic newsletter, and discounts on purchase of products and trainings sponsored or offered by HEDS.  Sustaining members not only receive the same benefits as regular members but is afforded voting privileges, more substantial discounts, and invitation to various sustaining member only events.

Please, use the links to the left to obtain more information concerning how to become either a regular or sustaining member of HEDS.



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