Greetings, Namaste, and Espavo.   We extend our hospitality to you while you are visiting with us at HEDS, Inc.  HEDS, Inc. or more properly, the Homo Ensophicus Development Society, is dedicated to aiding in the increase of global consciousness through the application of the wisdom contained in all of the teachings based on the ancient knowledge of the universe whether developed thousands of years ago or brought forth more recently.   These teachings, regardless of when revealed, contain wisdom that has been known throughout the universe for thousands upon thousands of years.  Wisdom that is vital to the growth and evolution of the species that inhabits this planet, Earth or to be more proper Terra Firma. 


These teachings have originated from Masters during physical incarnation, ancient Terran civilizations, and from extraterrestrials.   They are implicitly designed to assist us during the transition from the great cycle now ending and the beginning of a new great cycle.   We are in the ending stages of an approximately 75,000 year cycle that because of the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy and our own solar system will cause our planet, Terra Firma, to move into an area of interstellar energy that will shift the planetary vibrational level to a point that the planet will eventually become inhospitable to the type of physical incarnated entities that exist upon it at this time.


In order for the consciousness which inhabits these physical bodies to be able to continue to incarnate upon Terra Firma certain changes in that consciousness must occur evolutionary elevation in our consciousness driven thinking.  These changes have been commonly referred to as achieving enlightenment or ascension, increasing one's level of Light, crystallizing your energy, and elevating one's consciousness.   It is all well and good to talk in these terms but what do they really mean?  What about someone giving us some concrete means of accomplishing what it is that these terms are trying to define?


This is what the Homo Ensophicus Development Society is all about.  We are embracing the task of delivering to the world the means by which every person can achieve the level of consciousness necessary to move forward with the planet as it begins a new and exciting age of growth and development.  


We invite you to explore our website and partake of all that it has to offer.


To you, the Grand Being of Light that you are, we dedicate our efforts and this website.


Brother Asa

Executive Director

HEDS, Inc.


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