The Double Edged Sword.


The doubled edge sword also has a handle.


The double edged sword could not be used without a handle.


One edge of the sword is called the Dove of Peace. The other edge of this sword is called the cutting edge or the Scythe of Destruction.  Which side of this sword would YOU use?


Long ago on a planet called Tinglemefancy there was a gold mine and the priority was for everybody to grab as much as they could carry away with them and plonk it down in their front room and then dash off back to get anther arm full and put it next to it in their front room.  And that is how the Tingleme’s lived and what they did all day.


One day some brain dead idiot found a pool of liquid that messed around with his brain cells and altered them – and he became dead happy not doing what was normal to do and the doing of which wasted their time anyway.  So, he did not bother to tell anyone of this pool for they all seemed happy enough carting all this junk from the mine and putting it in their living room – not that they had much room to sit in by now.


A couple of guys saw this guy not keep dashing off to the mine and asked him why not.  He explained to them that he found a pool of elixir which took the impulse to collect all this gold away and made him quite contented as he was without doing all this time wasting bit of carting metal around from one place to another.


These two guys liked the idea of that and asked where this pool was; to which the other guy said that he could not tell them, but simply to go find it yourselves. So they went scurrying off hither and thither looking for this new golden fleece pool.  All the other mob saw this activity and wanted in on it too, for so many of them were really pissed off spending all their time carting all this metal around all day every day.


This got to the stage where some where putting up signs saying this way to the pool of elixir and the new golden fleece.  But in small print it said just drop your armful of real gold off in my front room for the map.  And of course they all began to do just that.


Now the original guy saw all this and became really angry at all this bullshit and lies; so he started to rant and rave at those putting these signs up, for he could see that they were all wrong, and anyway this stuff was free for the picking for everyone. So, he started hacking down all these signs with the sharp side off his sword. The owners of the signs of course got very cross about this for he was taking their living away and they would have to work for themselves again.  So they put out a wanted dead or alive sign for this guy who was hacking down all their sign posts which lead to nowhere and nothing.


Are you brave enough to go in search for what exists to be found?  That is one job.


Are you brave enough to hack down false sign posts?  That is another job.


But of course, you cannot hack down signs unless you know they are the wrong ones.  That is the handle of the sword.


Could you be a guru?  That is one job.


Could you be a guru buster?  That is another job.


What are YOU looking for?


Have a nice day folks!



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